Welcoming Rauno Ebral to the team

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Name: Rauno Ebral 
Job Title: Production Foreman 
Electrical & Automation

Location: Estonia

What is your role going to be at Artesyn and what will you be focusing on in the near term?

I will be working on a production to keep the assembly line as smooth and effective as possible. Ensuring that production has correct and up to date documentation and correct tooling. Resolving any obstacles what we might be facing during assembly. Currently, I m working thru Skid project documentation to find the best and efficient way to assemble it.

How did you get here? (Educations, work history, challenges, stories, changes, successes...)

The first contact with Artesyn was over two years ago when they started development and assembly of E-Boxes in Estonia. With mechatronics background, I have worked in various factory automation companies at various positions (as integration-, field service- and production engineer) assembling, integrated and serviced fully automated high tech production-. process- and test lines or stand-alone units.

What makes you you? (Hobbies, joys, dreams, values, characteristics, quirks...)

If the weather is good and I` m not working on some DIY project or fixing something- I'll pack my bags and go hiking or just camping.

Name a FUN FACT about you :) 

I have been whitewater kayak slalom racing gate referee.