Great to have Jonathan Downey on board! 

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Name: Jonathan Downey 
Title: Head of Operations 
Location: Ireland 

What is your role going to be at Artesyn and what will you be focusing on in the near term?

Leading operations at the Irish Headquarters, implementation of manufacturing operations and widening the network within the Irish manufacturing ecosystem.

How did you get here? (Educations, work history, challenges, stories, changes, successes...)

I have worked in a variety of roles in manufacturing for over 20 years, ranging from quality, product design, engineering, research & development, operations, new product introduction, account management and sales. I have qualifications in electronics, manufacturing, Biomedical engineering, international business and engineering at Degree, Masters and PhD levels. I have known the guys at Artesyn for a number of years and it was always a little inevitable that I would come on board some day, and am delighted that day has come. I always believed that Artesyn's products were fantastic and they were building a great team.

What makes you you? (Hobbies, joys, dreams, values, characteristics, quirks...) *

Scout Leader, currently studying cultural anthropology. 3 children- soon 2 in University!!