ARTeSYN® shapes      single-use solutions for bioprocess production pains

We develop and manufacture next-generation single-use flow components & systems for the constantly evolving life science space.

Disruptive innovation

Millions of people across the globe lack sufficient access to medicine. Single-use technologies are key to changing that. The biotechnology industry needs new and creative means to solve the problems that impede progress. That is why ARTeSYN® is always iterating. We synthesize common manufacturing pains into exponential solutions for the bioprocess, cell & gene therapy spaces.

Truly revolutionary technology

Next-generation bioprocess platforms. Our fully disposable valve liners, flow management solutions, and automated process systems, thoughtfully conceived, enable creative solutions for common industry problems. This could be debottlenecking the long cleaning cycles or other challenges associated with traditional stainless facilities, or improving the final volumes in TFF systems 10x and enabling multiple post-recovery buffer flushes. We even have a solution for organizing the ever-present kinking in the spaghetti-like clusters of single-use tubing. Contact us to speak with someone about this today. You will be surprised at what else is possible.