ARTeSYN® x TEDx: Sponsoring TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon 2017!

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ARTeSYN® x TEDx: Sponsoring TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon 2017!

ARTeSYN® is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon 2017 – Embracing Madness, taking place at King’s College
London on October 28th ,2017.



What is TEDxKCL?  Under the headline of ‘Embracing Madness’ the audience will have the opportunity to hear from people who have gone to pursue ideas or beliefs that at the time might have even seemed like ‘madness’ but have turned out to be admirable pursuits and life-changing initiatives. Stereotypes of “madness” are what the event is aiming to challenge! The  idea is to present a speaker list as diverse as possible to show “mad” ideas in all shapes and sizes and suggest that “mad” can be good. That is what TEDx events all around try to accomplish – challenge perceptions, inspire and innovate. TEDxKCL showcases “madness” in all the shapes it comes in – people and organisations setting out to pursue “crazy” ideas. It also represents a platform for people to voice their ideas at –  who embrace “madness” in others or go by those values in what they pursue daily. This kind of “mad” equally includes people or organisations in different industries, challenging norms and traditions. Madness in “entrepreneurship, boldness, risk-taking, challenging, innovating and so on… and can be found all around us.

A belief in innovation and discovery is common to both ARTeSYN® and the TEDx initiative. TEDx events, including TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon are all about giving a voice to groundbreaking ideas, initiatives and spreading the word about ideas that dare to look beyond the present “normal”. In many ways, driving the switch to single-use technologies and continuous, more efficient flexible manufacturing has to do with speaking up about changing the current norm as well. In this case about the high cost and low volume of several life-saving pharmaceuticals.

By collaborating with the TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon event we at ARTeSYN® want to recognise the vital impact the TEDx program is making in all areas of life as well as bring attention the larger goals ARTeSYN® is working towards, that shouldn’t be forgotten.  The single-use technology we produce, besides being disposable, repeatable, durable and effective, really does improve the hopes of enabling abundance in medicine, one day at a time. We are challenging the biopharmaceutical industry to stop and listen – and find better ways of manufacturing – join us and BE an inspiration to others.

More info on TEDxKing’sCollegeLondon can be found here.

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