ARTeSYN is happy to welcome Sean Lucey to the team!

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November 28, 2017
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January 8, 2018
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ARTeSYN is happy to welcome Sean Lucey to the team!

ARTeSYN would like to welcome Sean Lucey, our newest Design Engineer, to the team. Having wanted to be an engineer since he got his first set of Legos, being a Design Engineer for a fast-evolving and innovative biotech company seemed like a good fit to him and has proven a challenging, yet rewarding role so far.

Sean is originally from Wexford, Ireland and holds a degree from the University of Limerick in Product Design and Technology, Industrial and Product Design. He most appreciates the creative side of the profession and enjoys gaining mixed exposure to different facets of the industry as well as not being tied down to a design studio, but acquiring hands-on experience in the medical/pharmaceuticals industry.

Sean has previous experience as a freelance designer at BAM Ireland and as a Student Design Engineer at Creganna Medical in Galway. Similarly, to ARTeSYN he values drive and innovation.  This is what lead him to notice the stagnation in technological development in post-surgery treatment of colorectal cancer patients in Ireland.  His next step was to develop an improved biodegradable pouching system for those patients – Coloc. The final system which is easily monitored via an app, reduces skin irritation, improves on the mental health stigma related to recovering from colorectal cancer surgery and improves quality of life all around for the patients. The solution also happens to be up for the Graduate IDI Design Award in the Medical Device category, as we speak.

Sean´s activities on his free time mirror his work-related commitment to diverse exposure. He has been an avid fan of guitar and piano playing, rugby and photography and even has some experience as a graphic designer. All-in-all, we appreciate the values and skills he has brought to the team and look forward to working with him in transforming the industry!

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