Welcome to ARTeSYN®Biosolutions.

ARTeSYN® Biosolutions develops, manufactures and sells a series of single use solutions targeting the voids in the single use market segment. These solutions include patented and patent pending valves, instruments, exoskeletal supports, and typical unit operational systems (Filtration, Chromatography, Media and Buffer Prep, etc.) that use these newly minted component solutions in their most advanced forms.

Our Products

ARTeSYN® Pinch Valve

The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valve, or Arterial Process Valve is available in many forms and its compact design enables it to fit easily into small envelopes. Available with optional integral connections or used over your existing tubing or hose products, as a "manual pinch valve" there is no easier valve to assemble, operate or service.

Diaphragm Replacement Valve

The ARTeSYN® "Diaphragm Replacement Valve™" is a valve assembly that utilizes our proprietary liners and is dimensionally intended to replace an equally purposed diaphragm valve or diaphragm valve assembly. It usually has hygienic clamp unions and can be designed to fit existing custom stainless steel customized products, e.g. sterile access valve combination. They are the initial entry point for our migration activities and are often followed on with further adoption of more complex Artesyn®, single-use systems or modules that would include exoskeletal structures and instruments

ARTeSYN Process Module

ARTeSYN® modules is our term for a combination of products organized into a purpose built sub-assembly solution. They include valve, actuation (on/off or modulating), exoskeleton and/or instruments that would be included in a typical process sub-assembly. These may be used by system builders, contractors or end users to complete a SUS bill of materials

ARTeSYN® products allow the user to control complex processes like chromatography in a single use process system. These usually require extensive automation and control, along with cleaning. But now, one need only remove and toss the flow path when it is finished. No cleaning validation requirements. No cross contamination concerns.

The ARTofSYNgle Use™