Pneumatic PV

The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valves (PVs) are designed for flow control in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing. ARTeSYN® valves outperform other pinch valves because of easy maintenance, simple installation, compact and durable design, virtually no dead-leg and 0 to 100% fluid control.

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The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valves (PVs) are non-product contact meant for tube and hose sizes from 1/4” ID to 1” ID. The PVs are matched to use on existing tubing to provide flow control and automation where it did not previously exist. These valves have a non-rotating hemispherical plunger design that allows for very fine fluid control. They are available with ON/OFF and modulating pneumatic actuation, as well as multiple brands of electronic feedback indicators. The ARTeSYN® Pinch Valves can be easily adapted for mounting to skids or fixtures and thanks to the ARTeSYN® design allow for rapid and easy tubing changes.


  • Spherical Plunger to allow flexible 0% to 100% fluid control
  • Available in a range of ¼” to 1" ID to suit multiple tube/hose suppliers
  • Minimal component parts and simplified construction - no tools necessary
  • Stainless Steel 316L Body
  • Flexibility with spacing in tight areas without affecting function
  • Progressive flow curve
  • Disposable liners
  • Virtually eliminates dead-leg
  • Built-in non-rising indicator of Open/Close position for pneumatic PVs so you never have to guess if the process line is sealed tight.
  • Standard product available for Normally Closed actuation

Upstream applications

Media and buffer preparation
Cell clarification/harvest

Downstream applications

Downstream Filtration
Downstream Chromatography
Downstream Buffer Exchange
Downstream Virus Inactivation
Downstream Concentration
Downstream Fractionation
Downstream Transfer
Downstream Finish Filling