Welcoming a new Design Engineer on board!

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Name: James Breen 

Job Title: Design Engineer

Location: ARTeSYN Ireland 

What is your role going to be at ARTeSYN and what will you be focusing on in the near term? 

I am a mechanical design engineer based in the Waterford office which will include the designing of valves for single use piping.

How did you get here? (Education, work history, challenges, stories, changes, successes)

After school and having received a Level 6 in agricultural mechanization, I started off fixing tractors and farm machinery.  I then decided to move on and get a Level 7 in mechanical engineering which took me two more years. That brings me to last May, 2018 when I decided to continue and achieve Level 8 in mechanical engineering.  After finishing this course is when I was taken on by ARTeSYN.

What makes you, you? (Hobbies, joys, dreams, values, characteristics, quirks)

I love to figure out new ways of doing things which may then improve or not and am not afraid of having a good problem to solve. I can spend a lot of time figuring out mechanical machinery which may include tractors, trucks, cars, F1...  to name a few. I can't leave out where this all started. I grew up on a farm and I still enjoy farming it is just that I wanted a different career path.