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Name: Mike Green 
Title: General Manager Asia 
Location: Asia 

QUICK FACT: His nickname is Moose.

Mike Green might be the Artesyn Regional Manager in Asia now, but interestingly enough he started out in education - more precisely at the Sacramento County Office of Education. He was involved with coordinating the alcohol and drug prevention program involving 45 high schools in the county. They made a lot of headway with initiatives like “Safe Rides” until there was insufficient federal funding. He then entered the sales profession, first training in copier sales and then entering the pharma field as a pharmaceutical sales rep - which was an immediate fit. Why the medical industry? At 25, a vessel in his brain burst caused by tangled vessels that were there since birth. He was treated at Stanford Medical Centre, where he received a one-day, non-invasive treatment, that essentially made the malformed vessels disappear within 2 years - All thanks to amazing and advanced technologies. Medicine is awesome and constantly evolving.

Then came another 180-degree flip. After a trip to Thailand, he decided to move to Bangkok (where he still lives). For the first 2 years, he was a Regional Sales Director at a local manufacturer of sorbitol and dextrose. Be it serendipity or luck, through a friend he transitioned to an executive search position which fit him like a glove. Communication, negotiation, thinking outside of the box, doing a deep dive into many industries from jewelry manufacturing to pharma to chemicals is what he is best at. He has put many of these skills to work at Artesyn helping us navigate the biopharma market in Asia.

He thoroughly enjoys living in Thailand. When not at work, Mike´s focus is on fitness and food. He loves all the cuisines on offer in the region and would definitely recommend the restaurant scene in Bangkok to all you foodies out there. Hint: best guacamole he has ever had was in Bangkok.

It has been great to have him on board!