Virtual Bioprocessing Conference 2020

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20 November 2020

With a global pandemic focusing international scrutiny on the efficacy of the biopharmaceutical sector, Ireland is in a unique position to take the pulse of a dynamic sector which employs over 100,000 people on the island. As the recent Covid-19 crisis has highlighted, great strides and breakthroughs continue to be made, but scarcity of medicine remains a significant international issue. Changing that takes more than an incremental improvement on existing solutions. An exponential mindset in bioprocessing innovation is key to inviting future-forward solutions into the manufacturing space.

The inaugural Virtual Bioprocessing Conference, facilitated by ARTeSYN BioSolutions and Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), will be taking place on December 3rd in a bespoke online forum. This unique conference which is supported by the IDA and coordinated by Premier Publishing, will include industry leaders from companies such as Janssen (J&J), WUXI Pharmaceuticals, Takeda, Repligen, Pall, Siemens, Merek KGAA, Sanofi and many others, discussing global trends in the Biopharma sector and sharing the challenges that lie ahead.

Developments such as cell and gene therapies, single use processing, vaccines in a Covid world, biopharma automation and a myriad of other sectoral specific challenges will form significant parts of a very exciting conference agenda. One with plenty of areas of interest for everyone working in, or interested in, the manufacture and development of next generation Biomedicines. The full agenda can be found on our website,, where you can also register as a delegate and attendance is free.


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