Happy to have Ievgeniia and Kermo on board!

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FUN FACT: she used to be a big meat eater who never considered leaving meat-eating, but now she is a vegetarian. 

One of the latest additions to the team is Ievgeniia Rudkovska who will be in charge of making sure all of our incoming questions and queries end up in good hands and our clients stay happy. She grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, but has studied and worked in Estonia for the past 4,5 years.  She has two Masters degrees, one in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the Kiev National University of Food Technologies and the second from Tallinn Technology University in Healthcare Technology.

Throughout the years she has worked in various customer support and lead roles in the Pharma industry and also has a taste of what the field of logistics could offer. She has a great deal of insight to offer in different customer handling and sales processes and will be a great asset to our Estonian team.

In her role at Artesyn she enjoys the family vibe of the office, and loves how supportive the team is. Ievgeniia describes herself as being a very straight-forward person who likes to take risks. She is influenced a lot by her husband and they try to live an ecological zero waste life. Additionally, she loves healthy eating and is currently fascinated by the Crossfit class she goes to. When not at Crossfit more often than not, she can be found with a book in hand.

We are happy to have Ievgeniia on-board and are wishing her many great challenges with her work!

FUN FACT: he thinks he is so average that even average people feel interesting compared to him. 

We are welcoming Kermo Ööbik to our Estonian team as the Warehouse Foreman.

Kermo grew up in Tallinn, Estonia and now lives with his family near the city in Kose parish.

His professional career kicked off in 2008 when he joined Pharmadule, an international tank manufacturer. In Pharmadule he gained excellent production and warehouse experience as well as comprehensive insight into the running of logistics processes in the pharma industry. Over the years he has also challenged himself in the quality department, but after a short while he understood that he much preferred the warehouse processes and returned to this.  He says that working in a production warehouse is something that he feels the most passionate about and is grateful that this is what he is going to focus on at Artesyn.

When asked about his current role at Artesyn, he says he  most appreciates the friendly colleagues and overall positivity. He loves that people look like they enjoy what they do - a great start to every day.

Most of his free time Kermo spends with the family and on renovating his house. He describes himself as a peaceful person who doesn’t like to argue and fight, is mostly cheerful and loves to talk.

We wish Kermo a good time working at Artesyn!