Control the Clutter: ARTeSYN® Introduces our A-Range Tubing Management System

valve tubing management
valve tubing management
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Fix your tubing, or liner issues within your single-use system with the ARTeSYN® A-Range Tubing Management System (patents pending)! These non-pressurized valve and support components are perfectly matched with ARTeSYN’s® offerings of valves, instruments, and XO’s™ (pressure capable product offering; exoskeletal supports).

The ARTeSYN® A-Range Tubing Management System is the solution to defined process pathways for your single-use process system.

  • Sizes range from 1/4” to 1” ID; other size variations soon-to-be available
  • Offers structural support and organization for silicone or TPE tubing
  • Provides a guided tube route in any path or orientation needed for your process system</li> <li>Options for built-in slope for proper drainability
  • Minimizes the risk of burst tubing due to kinking; or worse, lying on the ground to get stepped on
  • Further options include: full XO™ assembly for guided support in pressure applications (sized on application); variations for integrated manual or actuated valves available

The ARTeSYN® A-Range is the solution for tube management by preventing tubing on the floor, kinks, getting stepped on, and other operator errors, while maintaining an ordered and clean look in your facility.

Ask us how the ARTeSYN® Tubing Management System (patents pending) can help you!