Why Challenge the Norm and the Now?

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March 14, 2018
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Why Challenge the Norm and the Now?

All of us, at one time or another have made ourselves promises we don´t end up keeping  – to go running in the mornings, to eat healthier, to learn a new language, to stress less, to get regular sleep…so on. For Kate Bendon, for the longest time, it was to lose weight and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Today, she is two months away from doing a trek across the Great Wall of China for Children with Cancer UK. Something clicked for her – she started a little over a year ago and has by now with a little help from ARTeSYN and many others, raised more than 3000 pounds for Children with Cancer UK and is making big leaps towards a healthier, stronger and happier self.  Taking on the challenge, making all the small changes…daily, adventuring further and making a true impact on children’s fight against cancer in the UK are just a few of the impactful outcomes of this journey so far.

This is the kind of conviction and passion for impacting change bigger than just one person or one company that ARTeSYN is excited to support. As the team at ARTeSYN continues on our mission towards enabling abundance in medicines, we wish Kate the strength and motivation necessary to go on the trek in China on the 25th of May and keep inspiring others to fulfill one of these promises and impact lives far beyond one´s own.

What could be your challenge?

You can follow Kate’s journey here:


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