Welcoming Conor Kehoe, Diana Huth and George Liao to the team!

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February 14, 2018
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Welcoming Conor Kehoe, Diana Huth and George Liao to the team!

We are excited to welcome Conor Kehoe to our team as the Account Manager for Ireland! Conor has an Honors Degree in Business Studies from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Since gradutation he has mainly worked as an accounts manager in publishing for different companies. With quite some experience in the role under his belt, we are eager to see what he will add to our local operations in Ireland and how he can impact us globally.

Originally, he is from Boley, Ballycullane – a small town in the South of Ireland where his family still owns a barley and dairy farm with 250 cattle.  When not helping out at the farm or pursuing a career in account management, he is all about rugby. Until a rough knee injury ended his playing, he was part of a rugby club in Dublin and has since put his skills and knowledge in rugby to use in coaching the New Ross Minis Under 10 team. Conor is also a person who can truthfully say that he has lifted cars and flipped 500kg tires. Why? That is what you get when you compete in Ireland Strongest Man competitions, the most impressive achievements for Conor being, coming Ist in Novice Ireland’s Strongest Man, 4th in the Republic and 1st in Ireland’s Strongest 2 Man Team.

Conor´s hands-on approach to immersing himself in a new industry, willingness to learn and an open-minded attitude in general have already made him a pleasure to work with. We wish good luck to his rugby team in New Ross and look forward to more exiting times in the future!


It’s our pleasure also to announce that Diana Huth has joined the ARTeSYN team in the US as the Procurement Manager. With more then 20 years of experience in purchasing and having dealt with almost every commodity out there, she brings immense knowledge and a refined skillset to the company, which we are eager to learn from. In the recent years she had ventured more into purchasing in the pharmaceuticals industry, so working at ARTeSYN makes a good opportunity to continue deep diving into the industry. When asked how she has got to where she is now, she explains that a career in purchasing is something that found her. Having taken drafting in High School and majored in arts in university, amongst other things, she knew how to read blueprints. As it turned out, that ability was something highly valued and not common in purchasing, meaning that Diana quickly found her place in the profession. Being someone who values continuous learning and development, she has grown with the demands of the different industries and enjoys the challenges the role provides.

Diana, born in the Bay Area has been local to the Valley for most of her life. When not at work, she can be seen with a camera in hand working an event or a creative photo shoot.  It is being able to pair work with the hobby – the technical with the creative that she enjoys the most.

We are happy to have her positivity, strength and  know-how on board and look forward to working with her further!


Additionally, we are delighted to welcome George Liao to our US team in the role of Manufacturing Manager.

George has a degree in biology and has throughout his career been connected to the medical field – dealing with fibreoptics, hospital and laboratory instrumentation and other aspects of the industry. From starting as a temp at Iris Diagnostics, to growing the company to a market share leader in the field of Automated Urine Microscopy, George has extensive experience in scaling manufacturing, lean tools, hands-on leadership, engineering and many other aspects of business from reagents to instruments. He has enjoyed the roles and experiences he has had to play and the position he now holds at ARTeSYN is second nature. His carpenter level and power drill have been sat at the desk, the first week of coming on board.

When not at work George can often be seen wrangling a pair of toddler twins and enjoying the outdoors. He rarely sits still and is mostly out enjoying the sense of freedom and joy, the outdoors and especially jet skying and riding on his motorcycle give him. Yet, there is more so try to contain your excitement people –  George is also a magician! Having been a member of L.A.´s exclusive private clubhouse for members of The Academy of Magical Arts – the Magic Castle – for over 10 years now, he certainly has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

We are definitely grateful to have his diverse skillset and organisatory capabilities onboard and are certain that together we can continue to elevate our business practices and drive ground-breaking innovation withing the single-use field.

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