Meet Our Staff (Team)

Photo of Michael Gagne
Michael Gagne
CXO ARTeSYN Biosolutions

Michael is an entrepreneurial executive within the BioPharm supply arena with multiple products developed to his credit. He couples real world application experience with the often complex systems of the industry and uncommon ideas to generate innovative process solutions. He is not afraid to try something that hasn’t been done before, in fact he relishes the idea. Starting with a family business known as AlphaBio, he has expanded the company name and delved deeper into the BioPharm processes industry to create and grow AlphaBio, by creating their sister companies: Aquasyn LLC and ARTeSYN® Biosolutions.

Photo of Dean Richards
Dean Richards
Vice President ARTeSYN Biosolutions

After working at Saunders®, under Crane Process Flow Technologies LTD, for 10 years, Dean decided to make some changes and leave Saunders® to work with his friend Michael Gagne to develop the company Aquasyn LLC. He aided in the expansion and growth of Aquasyn and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this company. Aquasyn then formed a sister company, ARTeSYN® Biosolutions, that brought out a different solution to traditional, stainless steel valves and products and move towards single-use systems. Dean is currently working effortlessly to ensure the same success for ARTeSYN® Biosolutions that he has aided in with Aquasyn.