About Us

As a company and as individuals, we struggled to come to grips with the trend toward single-use products. Like many people, we wondered: how can you make a “process system” from plastic bags and “disposable pinch valves”? With all of the existing instrumentation and control products that had evolved over the last fifty years, how are you going to make a “Single-Use System”? There were no instruments (at the time…). We worked through the disbelief and began to conceive ways to blend the performance of the traditional equipment with a disposable alternative and that became our new goal. We succeeded and created a company with the ultimate purpose of integrating this new idea of a single-use system to the current processing system. Our experience in creating hybrid products for these applications in the preceding twenty years had given us a head start in the biopharma market, and suddenly we had an idea: that idea became ARTeSYN®­. Our latest product innovation, among many, have caused people to ask: “why didn’t I think of that?”.

ARTeSYN® is an emerging visionary brand in the designing and manufacturing of single-use valves and components. We develop, manufacture and sell a series of these single-use products targeting the voids in the current single-use market division. We are a rapidly growing company and brand, and are constantly branching out with new product development of instruments, sampling systems, support products and other customized solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical market.

The patented ARTeSYN® designs are a truly revolutionary fluid management technology for all disposable process system applications. ARTeSYN® valving, tubing containment, support, and routing is the answer to fluid control challenges that branched from the concern of implementing single-use manufacturing technology for pharmaceuticals production.  Our products are versatile and customizable to any and all needs required, as our valves are available as single or multi-valve arrays. The ARTeSYN® single-use fluid control concept provides outstanding performance with unequalled flow controllability.

Many bio-pharmaceutical makers, both in-house and CMO alike, are utilizing ARTeSYN® valves in single-use/disposable operations, both upstream and down. Since the inception of ARTeSYN®, we have been a leading company with our innovative thinking of products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.