A warm welcome to Louise Casey!

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April 16, 2018
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July 5, 2018
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A warm welcome to Louise Casey!

ARTeSYN welcomes Louise Casey to the team as the new Office Manager for our Ireland location!

Louise has a degree in business studies from the Waterford Institute of Technology with a specialization in Accounting and a later professional accountancy qualification. She brings a keen eye and a sharp mind for finance to the team, that we are eager to learn from. Louis, however, hasn´t always been part of the pharma world. For the last 21 years she was part of the Irish public sector working for local governance as a Financial Controller, overseeing financial bookkeepers, and various local programs and projects.

Born and raised in Waterford in a family of accountants, the calling came naturally to her and has always enabled her to maintain a valuable work-life balance and in 2015 also attain a master’s in Strategic Business Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Strategy and planning were aspects of her work she always enjoyed, so diversifying her skill-set in the area was a step in the right direction. A shift from the public to private sector and into the biopharma business presents an exciting new challenge, one she feels she has a lot to gain from and that will offer a change of perspective on financial management as well as extensive new knowledge on biopharma engineering and the science behind it.

When not crunching numbers or spending time with her family, Louise is an avid runner and a French aficionado. From competing in sprinting back in school to running marathons and half marathons in the recent years, running has always been a passion of hers. With 6-7 marathons and tens of half marathons to her name as well as relentless motivation she has no plans of stopping and encourages others to grab a friend and take up running in the mornings as well. France and the French language have similarly always been of interest. Having taken French in university alongside business and visiting France when possible, France and the French culture have intrigued her so far and we hope she has the possibilities to learn and experience more in the future.

All in all, it is always a pleasure to welcome on board people with Louise´s conviction, expertise and aptitude for growth. We hope she enjoys getting to know the industry and the compnany and good luck in her first weeks here!

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